dragon.exe failing to terminate causes Dragon shortcut to fail [again]

I am very new to Dragon, and in the few days that I’ve been using it I’ve found that when the browser is closed, one dragon.exe process often fails to terminate. Consequently, when I attempt to launch the browser—which is often just a few minutes later—nothing happens; the browser simply does not launch. I then have to open Windows Task Manager and kill the single remaining dragon.exe process in order to be able to launch the browser.

Can anyone please tell me why this may be happening? And is there anything that can be done to prevent it?


Running Win 7 Ultimate, 64-bit and Dragon Version

Hi and welcome remstate,
Enabling the ‘Clear At Exit’ function, found under privacy in the advanced settings can cause a delay closing processes.

If it is not that, please try disabling all extensions and see if the problem persists.


Hello captainsticks, and thanks for your reply. Regarding your suggestions:

  1. I had never enabled the “Clear at exit” button", so that’s not the cause. Your point is a good one, though, as I found some months ago that Internet Explorer would exhibit the same behavior as Dragon is now exhibiting when I had IE’s “Delete browsing history on exit” setting enabled, and so I disabled that in IE. One significant difference between IE and Dragon, though: IE would, when that setting was enabled, automatically (that is, without my having to manually kill the process in Windows Task Manager) terminate the problematic process after a few seconds (maybe 10 or so), at which point I could launch IE again, whereas Dragon is not automatically terminating the problematic process after a few seconds or even a few minutes. (I don’t know exactly how long this process stays alive, as I’ve never timed it, but I may now do that.

EDIT: I’ve now timed it for a while. The process stayed alive for at least 45 minutes. (This test was made prior to my disabling of the “Comodo Web Inspector 0.3” extension.)

  1. The only extension I’ve had enabled is “Comodo Web Inspector 0.3”. I disabled the others that were installed by default (and do not intend to add any, with the possible exception of those authored by Comodo, as I do not use third-party extensions). I will disable “Comodo Web Inspector 0.3” and report back on the results as soon as I can be sure of them.

EDIT: I’ve now determined that after disabling the “Comodo Web Inspector 0.3” extension—the only extension that I had enabled—one dragon.exe process is still failing to terminate after the browser has been closed. Specifically, after disabling the “Comodo Web Inspector 0.3” extension, and then closing, reopening for a minute or so, then closing the browser again, I waited 10 minutes, checked Windows Task Manager and found one dragon.exe process still running.

Thank you again for your assistance. Any further advice will be welcomed.

Hi remstate,
I would consider trying the portable version to see if the issue persists, this is independent from the installed version.
This could help decide whether or not the installed version has some corruption.
Portable Version-Comodo Help

If the portable version doesn’t have the issue I would consider trying a Dragon reset, or a new user profile.
Dragon reset is found at the bottom of the advanced settings.

Note: A new user profile will remove all personal preferences and settings, including bookmarks.
Tip: I recommend exporting your bookmarks to a HTML file for easy importing into the new user profile.

Note 2: Resetting Dragon removes most personal preferences and settings, excluding bookmarks (See screenshot).

To create a new user profile in Comodo Dragon

Kind regards.

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I installed the Portable version to a USB thumb drive, removed (not just disabled) all of the default extensions, and the problem persists: one dragon.exe process fails to terminate after the portable version of Dragon is closed, and consequently attempts to launch that version of Dragon fail.

What now?

Thanks for any and all assistance!

Hi remstate,
Sorry my advice has proved helpless, I honestly have no idea of the cause.
Anything I suggest from this point is total guess work.
One thing that might be worth trying is disabling the two options under system in the advanced settings.
Continue running background apps when Comodo Dragon is closed.
Use hardware acceleration when available.

Other than that I don’t know what to suggest sorry.
Let us hope someone else has some ideas.

Kind regards.

Thanks, captainsticks. I’m grateful for your efforts, which I’ve learned from for future reference. Regarding your last two suggestions, I’d already disabled the “Continue running background apps when Comodo Dragon is closed” setting, but I’ll try the hardware acceleration setting and report back soon.

Thanks again.

I tried the last option, disabling “Use hardware acceleration when available”, but it didn’t have any noticeable effect on the problem.

Any further input will be appreciated!

The problem I had back in 2014, which went away after a version update, has recently returned, though in a slightly different way. Now, when I close the browser, there are two dragon.exe processes running, and they keep running, preventing my shortcut from opening the browser until I activate the shortcut a second time, at which point those two old dragon.exe processes terminate (as shown in Task Manager) and the browser finally launches, with a new set of processes.

Any ideas?

Running Win 7 Ultimate, 64-bit/ Dragon version

Hi remstate,
Try disabling ‘continue running background apps when Comodo Dragon is closed’ if it is enabled, found under system in the advanced settings.

Kind regards.

Thanks, captainsticks. That setting has been disabled for a long time now. Any other suggestions would be welcome, although, if my past experience with this issue is any guide, solving this problem may come down to just waiting until a future update fixes whatever is causing this.