Dragon downgrade to version 29 ?

Is it correct that CD has had to be downgraded to version 29 as my CD version 31.1 informed me at 0818 GMT on 25 April 2014?

Is there a serious flaw in CD 31.1 which necessitates this? It is highly unusual for a reversion to a previous version of any software to be necessary. Is CD 31.1 unsafe?

Some confusion here resulting from me going to the www.comodo.com download for CD and receiving version 29. The update procedure yields version 33 which makes sense. I like to download the update to hold it in stock, so to speak. I did the update procedure and nicked DragonSetup.exe from my temp directory and copied it to my installation directory.


Hi hake,
Agreed the Comodo site currently has an issue and in fact is downloading V29.
If it is not rectified by tomorrow, I will inform Staff.

The download link in the release topic is downloading the correct current version.
Comodo Dragon ver 33.0 is now available for download

Kind regards.

Thank you captainsticks for each of your three posts.

I only count two, but you are welcome all the same. :-TU

Kind regards.

The homepage is still directed to download V29 instead of V33, I have informed Staff of this issue.

Thanks for this clarification.

Would moderators please look at the following topic and address whether v33 has introduced a shockwaveflash failure?..


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I guess I apologize, but I thought they were related–that v33 had been released, the flash not working for some people arose, and thus it was being reverted to v29. Sorry.