Dragon disappeared

Hi all.

Dragon has disappeared from my PC. I was using it yesterday just fine, today I go to click on the icon (which is still intact) and it didnt work. Everything in the Dragon folder is gone except restart_helper.exe and one other EXE (I think it was dragon_updater.exe).

This is the 3rd time that it’s happened in 9-12 months. It does not happen with Ice Dragon.

I saw one other person that had a post about this, but had something to do with a beta version. The only thing I can think of is that Comodo is forcing an update of Dragon and it fails. Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome pokie,
I suspect maybe your security program is flagging updates as malicious and either removing or quarantining the update.
What security programs do you have installed and active?
Can you check your security programs logs to see if there is any corresponding entries?


Hi captainsticks.

I’ve checked both Avast and Windows Defender to see if they quarantined anything and they did not. I have not other software that would have done this. Anything else to check?


Sorry that didn’t help.
TBH I am not sure what is happening, I was just trying to think of a simple explanation. :-\

Unfortunatelly, this happens when Dragon is updating by itself. It happens with some PCs (really not sure what would be the common ground for it to happen).

Do this (before you try to install Dragon again):
. Restart your PC and wait a couple of hours for Dragon to finish it automated update (there is version 33 just released today).
. After 2 hours (with hope, much time less) of not clicking Dragon or searching for its files, it will be finally updated and everything will be back to normal using the latest version of it.

If this is happening to you with every update, I suggest you stop the update service and update your browser manually. It would be good also if you report this as a bug. I hate this bug.

Dragon never comes back no matter how long I leave it. Last time it happened, I thought “■■■■■ it, I just won’t use it anymore”. However, I recently reinstalled it and it’s happened again.

I suggest you stop the update service and update your browser manually

Thats a good idea.

I hate updating services anyway. Like every little app on my PC needs 2-4 megs of RAM, some minor CPU usage and a notification icon just to be updated occasionally. :slight_smile:

Thank you both for your help!

Hi pokie,
You are welcome, unfortunately we didn’t find the cause though. :slight_smile:

An alternative might be to use Dragon portable, this performs much the same as the installed version minus silent updating etc and it should have no reason to suddenly disappear for no apparent reason. :wink:
Portable Version

Kind regards.

If you already moved something in your PC, then it won’t come back. If you did anything with Dragon already, no matter how long you wait it won’t come back. So you will have to reinstall as fresh. Then you will see that the “installation” will be an update actually.

But disabling automatic updates will save you lots of trouble, in your case. It is a bug, really.