Dragon & CIS

I saw on some help file that to get the full virtualizzation power of Kiosk you should use Comodo dragon. Why that? I personnally tried Comodo Dragon several months ago but found some web sites weren’t liking it, not displaying it as my now say Google Chrome. Personnally, I’d like to use Kiosk and Chrome and get the full protection. I must say I have a Norton 360 paid subscription but that I am looking back to Comodo because it’s a quality product while being “free”. Note in mind though as of usability, Norton 360 gets a 100% mark from me and they said they improved their virus protection (detection)! :slight_smile:

You can run any browser sandboxed with full virtualization. Thus, it’s not necessary to only use Comodo Dragon.

Dragon and Silverlight are required for Tablet mode.

Thanks! Tablet mode!!! So running Google Chrome in Kiosk doesn’t give me less protection! Thanks! :P0l

I believe Silverlight is all that is required for Tablet Mode. Dragon is recommended for secure browsing.

Alright!!! Why??? I think I should be as safe in an Incognito window in Google Chrome than in Comodo dragon, apart from Comodo wanting us to use preferentially its own browser…! >:-D

I think that you are right about Chrome being just as safe is Dragon. I personally use Dragon because I don’t like the idea of Google tracking me.

I don’t know, you’d need to ask the developers why they make that recommendation.


If you can’t avoid using Google Chrome you can still disconnect yourself from them…

and many over 3rd party’s that like to track our online movements.

Would it be possible to tell a developper then to answer in this forum? I’m curious! Personal opinion is that Dragon is like Google Chrome disconnected but the later being more widely used you risk less having surfing problems on certain web sites. Even with Chrome, I get a pop-up to get another browser (IE or FF) to do my online banking but I simply here again don’t understand that and jump to my online banking in Chrome. No problem. Don’t know why some Banks are bothering us with their recommended browser choice… :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S.: Thinking of it, it may be related to Comodo DNS and dragon working better together I think! Not much more to go towards a browser which is used by a few people in the internet community. ;D

They have probably developed the web-site with IE and FF in mind, that doesn’t mean that Chrome won’t work, just that it’s not specifically made for Chrome and perhaps not tested with Chrome. I find that most web-sites work correctly in Chrome even if they aren’t made specifically for it.

As far as DNS I’m not sure it makes any difference…
my reasoning been I have used both DNScrypt (OpenDNS) and my VPN servers DNS with no issues at all…

Edit: Obviously not at the same time :slight_smile:

In this thread: https://forums.comodo.com/antivirus-help-cis/is-anyone-elses-comodo-not-detecting-malware-in-real-time-t91296.0.html it is stated that Dragon has an antimalware download power and works well with the CIS AV. May be it’s better to use Dragon! :azn: