Dragon cant end Downloads; it stucks each time on ".crdownload"


on each download dragon cant change the file with the ending “.crdownload” in the normal filetype like .exe or .zip.
the downloaded file is completet but something is blocking the last step.

thx for help

and the next porb…
after an unspecific time, the integrated search with google on the url line dont work anymore, the link ist integrated “test - Google Search” its loading, but after a few mins i get the warning, the website ist not available.
so i have to close dragon, reset the virtual box with comodo and after that it works for perhabs 30 min.
if im goging on www.google.de … it dont wrks, too

perhabs we can solve both problems…


Are you using Comodo Dragon in virtual mode/virtual kiosk (from CIS) or are you referring to a virtual machine?
Please mention the version of Comodo Dragon you are using and what security software you have installed (also list any extensions that you have installed in Dragon).

Thank you.

little feedback, i deinstalled emet 4 and for the moment i have no probs. i think the prob is gone.



Could you tell us what settings you had enabled in EMET? Is there any particular option that you had set for Dragon?

Thank you.