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New here ;D

So i noticed this from version 46 and now i have latest

  1. This appears only for version 48 (not for 46, on 46 working fine) when i wanna download flash player from https://get.adobe.com/cz/flashplayer/ then loading and loading… never ends. Must download from another browser like IE.

  2. Instagram - when i click on instagram profile and wanna show more pictures (load more pictures) few are loaded but then scroll down i see loading next pictures (always never ends, loading and loading)…
    Also videos on instagram not working.

  3. when i use short link (http://ow.ly) this is blocked → Warning: Unsafe Website Blocked reason Malicious

Dragon :
Windows 7 x86 SP1

Hi and welcome nexon,

  1. Flash Plug-in installation page stuck with a continuous re-load loop.

  2. See number 1, maybe the same cause.

  3. Shortened links can pose a security risk, please disable malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS) found under privacy in the advanced settings if you wish to use the mentioned site.

Please note: Do not post any shortened or obfuscated links as they are against the Forum Policy.

Hope that helps.



So i tried and working in both (1 nad 2) and working fine.

  1. I treid disable this and open page (working fine).

So why i must disable these features? Will be fixed in upcoming update?

And also can you explain me simply what is HTTP referrer header? I read something on help comodo but I do not understand.

Hi nexon,
I do not think there is anything to fix.
Suppressing the HTTP referrer header can add to privacy, but unfortunately it can break some sites.
HTTP referrer header is probably best described in the Wikipedia link below.

Comodo Secure DNS considers any URL shortening/obfuscating method as a security risk as they can be used to direct to malicious sites.

Kind regards.


Okay so when i wanna go to instagram then i disable HTTP refer after when i wanna left instagram then simply enable again HTTP refer, this is not compfortable but…

And when i visit short URLs then i simply click on Disregard Continue anyway (Not recommended).

You can use http://longurl.org to get the real URL.


I have last 2 questions :

a.) Why is ad sanitizer not available in newer versions? I drag and drop this extension to dragon 48 manually.

b.) Which is better or which can i use - Comodo adblocker or ad sanitizer? Differences?

Hi nexon,
A) My guess would be due to the popularity of blocking all ads.

B) Comodo Adblocker is simply an ad blocking tool, capable of blocking most ad networks and also enhancing privacy.
AdSanitizer is a privacy tool with the option to allow safe advertising, also with the capability of blocking most ad networks.
Which is best? Comes down to personal choice.

Kind regards.


So can i use both in same time?

That would potentially cause instability. I had to disable one for the other to work properly. Now maybe that was my system, but I still don’t recommend more than one ad blocker at a time.

I think it is balanced between these two.

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