Dragon and IceDragon for Linux

Comodo Dragon and Ice Dragon are my two main browsers in Windows. I would LOVE to see them both developed for Linux. Maybe do one that’s DEB. based and one That’s RPM. based. :wink:

I’ll second that :-TU. Especially Dragon on Ubuntu.



I’d love to use Dragon on Mint!

i would love to use Dragon on my Ultimate Edition 3.4.1 Lite please

Still hoping this will become a reality. I’m uncomfortable using Chrome and Firefox is such a painful experience for me :'(.

I’d like this too, as well as one for OSX.

As we all know Windows XP is coming to an end of support in April 2014.
I’m changing 4 of my XP computers over to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, which means I can still use these old computers for another 3 years. However, Comodo Dragon does not work with Ubuntu. I would love to see support for Ubuntu, not for security reasons, but so that I can have my bookmarks go with me on any computer. I have not been able to understand, or get Mozilla to do what I want. But Comodo works great on all my computers. So I need and want Dragon for Ubuntu PLEASE.

+1 :slight_smile: