Dragon and Google, also Settings

Hello all
Some time ago I went onto a site that accessed Google Maps and immediately received a load of Google stuff, including GoogleUpdate etc. This was using Firefox.
To stop this happening in future, how would anyone suggest I run Dragon and Ice Dragon ?
Dragon is my default browser which I have started running incognito. Is this enough ? Or should I run in sandbox? I realise that it would probably be easier not to go to any web site that may download Google stuff, but there is always a chance that an accident will happen, or that it will be downloaded ‘behind my back’ as happened before.
If running sandboxed, if I want to actually download something, how can I save it to Shared Space, which
I gather is what Shared Space is for. I tried but could not see Shared Space in the download options.
Occasionally it may be useful to run Google Maps, but I dont want to take the risk of downloading anything
that I dont ask for.
ALso when I select Settings, a new instance of Dragon opens, whereas before a new tab opened. Is this
a consequence of running incognito ?

New instance of Dragon when opening Settings appears to be a consequence of running icognito.
Switch off Start in Incognito Mode and selecting settings opens a new tab, not instance.

See topic.