Dragon 49 is now available for download

Hello everyone,

We’re very pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon Version 49

What’s new for Dragon?

  • Chromium code base has been updated to 49
  • Dragon offers a direct installation of Adobe PPAPI Flash Player in case of flash does not exist in user’s computer.
  • Dragon v49 will be final version that supports Windows Vista. Starting from version 50, We will not support Vista users.

Download Locations

Dragon v49.13.20.400:

MD5: 309ce35376bc9b1af94f2e94889cd678
SHA-1: bbc84d581ff6e95e38cab4b5193b923a4ddc8e2a
SHA-256: 652d857ea2c8cbd0674325173a3e8a012fb88b204e67e955312cb6a6eb1b7a0e

Thank you for your all feedback for COMODO Browsers! We have collected all of your feedbacks and created a list of improvements and new features. We really appreciate all of your contributions to provide you a great browser.


COMODO Dragon & Chromodo Browser Team

Thank you SerkanB and Comodo.

Thanks for the update!

Unfortunately, Twitter videos are still not supported… :-\ :-TD

keep watching us smartodo :-TU

I’d rather watch twitter videos instead :wink:

It stopped working extension - Comodo Media Downloader :cry:

Please check your PM. I need more information

Congratulations with the new release. :slight_smile:

Please move this, if already commented on - I did look, but this forum is ■■■■ to navigate!

Got a notification this week that Dragon had been silently updated, as per my settings on Dragon.
I fail to see ANY improvement in Dragon, so please - exactly WHAT was the update?

Videos STILL don’t work on Twitter and are ■■■■ on Facebook with pixilation breaking up posted vids - so Dragon still remains the ONLY browser on the web that can’t play vids on the two most popular social media sites.


Hi Billy. I merged your post with the release topic. As you can see the change log is minimal

KK thanks - still disappointed tho :-\

YUP! :cry:

Same here!

Media grabber doesn’t work since the update to 49.

Two PCs, W7 and W81, admin, default path and portable install into C:/Apps/ComodoDragon/.

So I have
tried to kill/restart the extention with process explorer,
tried to deactivate/delete all another extentions,
tried to completely uninstall and reinstall (in both default path and custom path)
tried to reinstall the .CRX via drag&drop.

The icon/button ist still gray, the only exception ist youtube, but hier I just get an videoplayback.txt and the download stops immediately because of “Error - Forbidden”

Sorry for my bad English :cry:

slimjet witch is based off of chrommium v50 is full compatible with windows xp and vista oh and it is still compatible with netflix and amazon prime so yeah eat that comodo dragon

You have a lot of free time or feel unfulfilled to be coming here and doing that.
You need a hobby, plus that was so disrespectful.
A company that is trying its hardest to deliver you a browser to use doesn’t deserve this at all.
You, sir, should be ashamed.

Hi Ozzy666,
A security company is not going to continue supporting non supported operating systems for obvious reasons.
Also I see no point in this rather rude post and it is not relevant to the topic.
Please reconsider further postings of this nature.

How to appeal against Moderators decisions

Thank you.

And to add to captainsticks’s comment. We do not allow cross posting. Please refrain from it.

You use XP still on-line??? :o Be careful!!! No security updates for XP since 2 years ago!!! Vista will be the next to have support dropped by microsoft…

I Hope they dont eat that because Slimjet is poison!