Dragon 36.1 bookmarks bug

In the new theme its very hard to read your bookmarks, its almost the same colour as the background…

Please Fix :frowning:

Hi airborne,

  1. Download the attached zipped folder and extract the ‘Old Dragon Theme.crx’ file.
  2. Drag’n’Drop the .crx file into an open extensions window.

Kind regards.

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Comodo Theme: Slinky Modern
Slinky themes

I use one of these:
Mac themes

This is your second warning. Your post is completely off topic and you are double posting

ok sorry!
but what captainsticks writhed was already posted in other topics, only writhed differently, and the Slinky Modern theme is just like the old comodo dragon theme.
if I’m off topic then captainsticks is too!


Is there another way to get the old theme back? This new one is absolutely hideous, and the background for the new tab page makes text unreadable. I tried to drag n’ drop the crx file into the extensions windows as you instructed, but that did nothing. So I tried to load the extension manually from within the settings and it fails because “Manifest file is missing or unreadable.”

Try the Slinky Modern

Hi and welcome phaelax,
What is actually happening when you try to drop the extracted .crx file in the extensions window?


It does absolutely nothing. I’m running a pretty fresh install of Win7 with current (as of yesterday) updates.

After seeing other threads about the new theme, I tried slinky modern which installed fine from the web store. The only issue with it is on the new tab page. The word “Google” displayed above the search bar is all white lettering and isn’t exactly easy to see on a light gray background. It’s a slight annoyance to look at, but I can live with it. The default theme in 36.1 however would make me consider uninstalling dragon.

Hi phaelax,
Sorry the old theme is not working for you.

I am not sure why and I can’t reproduce the issue here.
Still thinking though.

Kind regards.
Edit: Correction made.

Original Dragon Old Theme