Dragon 33 is very slow

I have a problem with the new dragon…its slow. tried un/reinstalling,its still slow. I have plenty of cpu when running it,im using i.e. now :frowning:

Yes, I have the same problem, new version is somewhat slow. Video loading is very slow, also test on speedtest.net is very bad. I had to install old portable version 28 and it is ok.

Hi drensmith and santax (Welcome),
There are some issues between the current Dragon V33 and Adobe Flash.
A lot of sites featuring Flash content are running slow including ‘speedtest.net’.
Until a future release solves this issue, the only workaround is to use ‘Pepperflash’ from Chrome.
Dragon 33 - Flash Player issues workaround!

Kind regards.


Thanx for explanation, that is good news.

You are both welcome. :slight_smile:
Let us hope an update is sooner, rather than later.

thanksjust found this post…im kinda slow around these posts guess i will eventually figure these post out