dragon the default but pages being saved in IE 10 [Solved]

This has occurred in last week. When I save anything from the Dragon pages, it is saved in IE10, and I have no idea why. Used to run IE11, but problems, so reverted to IE9, when this problem appeared, then last few days installed IE10. I assume this shouldn’t be happening. Otherwise, both browsers working without problems. Use IE10 only because on certain occasions I have to have it. Advice/ideas? Many thanks >:(
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Hi xylophone67,
I presume you mean when the ‘Save page as’ function is used, the saved content is being associated with IE?
If correct, I imagine some default file associations have reverted back to IE.

  1. Follow the instructions in the link below to get to your default programs.
  2. Select ‘Set your default programs’.
  3. Scroll down to and click on Dragon.
  4. Select ‘Set this program as default’ and OK.
    Change which programs Windows uses by default-Microsoft

This will set Dragon to open all possible file types by default.

Hope that helps.

Many thanks. All OK now :slight_smile:

Your are welcome, it is good to hear that all is OK now. :-TU