Dragon 14.2 won't load website.

I can never access my email provider’s website with Dragon 14.2. I get the message about the webpage not being available because it “took too long to respond.” But it works in Firefox with no problem and it worked in an older version of Dragon (pre Dragon 14).

How can I fix this?

What is URL of the page that you are trying to open?
Try to disable Options > Under the Hood > “Enable malware domain filtering” and see if it fixes the problem.

I couldn’t load any pages related to zoho.com, but your suggestion worked, thank you :). It’s strange, though, because before I asked for help here, I tried turning off Secure DNS in Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties (because I didn’t know that I could do so from Dragon’s properties,) but there was nothing about Secure DNS there. Is this the way it’s done now? What about in other applications?

Also, I guess this isn’t an ideal solution, because now I don’t have Secure DNS. Although, it can’t be that reliable anyway, I guess, because it blocks safe websites, which makes it hard to know whether to trust its blocking advice.

During install you have the option to set it system wide or Dragon only or not at all.
Set for Dragon only is default during install.
See step 4 here.
Kind regards.

What about after installation? Is there a way to select which applications do and don’t use Secure DNS?

Hi Sometime,
To use it for Dragon only go to Options, Under the hood and in the the Privacy section Enable/Disable malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS).

To Enable/Disable System wide follow the instructions here (Choose Auto DNS to disable Comodo Secure DNS).