Drag files issue


This is my first post on this forum.

I have another issue hoping you can help me out.

I am using Comodo Antivirus. On the main interface there is a feature Scan Objects and Sandbox Objects. Whatever files I am trying to drop there failed. What can I do to make it work?


Hi and welcome funny85,
Does anything happen, do you get any error messages?
Can you scan files from the right click context menu?


No, there is not any error message. Nothing happens when I try to drop files there.

And yes, I can scan the files with right click context menu.

Sorry I am not sure what is happening here.
Is it any in particular files or all files?
Do you get the same results trying to scan folders?

Sorry for my English … Used the google translator.The situation is this. If the folder or file in Russian, it is not running a scan. If the path to the file or folder in Russian - will not scan. Here’s the video - YouTube

Okay, that’s very strange. Does everything else with CIS work correctly?

Also, what happens if instead of dragging the files to be scanned, you instead right click on the file and try to scan it? Does that work correctly?

Make a video.

I would say this is a bug. Scanning from the right click menu works. The problem seems to be with dropping file or folder with a Russian name in the drop box.

I agree with EricJH. This does appear to be a bug.

Please create a bug report for this in this section of the forum. Be sure to follow the format provided in this post and attach all required information. This is required so that Comodo staff can more easily identify and fix the bug.

Thank you.

Not only works dragging the window, if the files or folders in the Russian language. Or if the path to the file or folder is the Russian letters. Everything else is working. Even if you open multiple scans… :slight_smile: - YouTube

EricJH and Chiron, OK.

If I create a topic and it will be a video, which will show the settings of COMODO, it will be OK? That would not write text settings…

No, the bug report needs to follow the format I linked to. The videos will be very helpful, but the other requested information is required as well.

However, if you can fill out whatever you can of the format I can do my best to help you understand how to fill in the rest. Please do what you can and we’ll see about the rest.