Drag-drop ordering of list.

In 5.x in most important lists (firewall, D+) we could use drag-drop to reorder them. We could also use alt+up/down arrow. In 6.x there are only move up/move down from context menu in few places. This is ridiculous, especially that new rules are always added at the bottom - try to move 3-4 entries 20 positions up…

So my wish is to implement better reordering methods (like drag-drop) in 6.x.

Most definitely +1

Drag and drop organisation need to return throughout, especially to firewall settings, for individual rules within a group and for entire groups.


It will remove one of the blocks put in the way of productivity in V6.

+1, add a poll please :slight_smile:

Poll added.

Thanks the devs for adding a drag&drop feature to some places. However we still cannot organise (at all) for example FW: Portsets, Network Zones, Rulesets & HIPS: Rulesets.