drag and drop listbox of blocked executables would really speed things up!

can’t find any method to mass block or allow programs quickly.

[b]would be nice if you had a simple listing of blocked executables, where you could drag and drop more executables from a windows explorer window, to block them as well…

The current multistep method of blocking is just too tedious, even though the ability to select from running processes is a very nice touch.

I’d also just like an easier time to get a complete list of blocked and trusted programs, like zone alarm had it…

I love Comodo, but it sometimes gets very opaque.



Very good idea, and Kind of needed.


I very much agree, during the install process having to add every single part of a program to the block list piece by piece is a pain! Additionally in this same genre, the block of a program does not stop that same program from activating your default browser and opening to the programs chosen website. If by chance you have just installed a virus, it allows it to phone home through the browser!!!