Dr. Web: CureIt or AV?

I’ve been using Dr. Web CureIt for many years, but have not tried it’s antivirus at all. It makes me wonder now if it’s any good. I used to have a license worth a year sent to me annually for free (if I remember correctly, it’s from a contest I won, which was to provide me with a license for three or so years). But I let it all waste. Has anyone tested it? Is it any good?

I know that they have a high detection rate, their zero day could be better, but Defence+ basically nullifies that weakness.

any test on them that you know of?

I’ve heard great things about their rescue disk.

Dr.Web AV is high detection but it detect some FP too. (As seen in AV-comparatives previously report)

I think all av’s have instances of fp’s. the only difference is the frequency of occurrence. ;D