Dr. Web Affilate Program is not SSL'ed?

Well, I was about to try out the Dr. Web Affilate program when Comodo Dragon freaked out and told me their SSL certificate was a bumb one. You can click Registration >> application on this page: An invitation to partner with Doctor Web under its affiliate programme for website owners
Or just click here.

I would have thought an A/V company would have a secure website… 88)
Suppose it’s ok to join this group or “Take me back to safety”. (V)

Also Opera thinks the site is not properly protected (using Opera 11 beta).

It’s likely because the certificate is authenticated by GoDaddy. I don’t know if I’d consider them a trusted third-party. :wink:

Firefox 3.6.12 Shows High Grade Encryption and Fully Validated Certificate, and as HeffeD said from GoDaddy.com, Inc.

DV SSL… :frowning:

O = domain, not organisation, meaning the organisation has not been validated. :-TD

What is a domain-validated certificate? A domain-validated certificate is an SSL certificate in which the validated identifying information contained in the certificate is limited to the domain on which the Web site is located. If a secure connection is established between browser and a Web site secured with a domain-validated certificate Web site, the browser displays the padlock icon.

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