Dr Watson & Cmdagent problems

Hi All, First off I love Comodo (:LOV) and think its a great firewall and defense. However I seem to keep having problems with Dr watson that seems to keep tryiing to access memory and targets comodo’s cmdagent.exe it keeps coming up as a suspicious attempt everytime and happens daily between 2-10 times. What I need to know please is if there is an error with Comodo or if it is a wdws error or even a attack that I am unawre of and if so is there anything I can do to stop this from occurring. Any help will be great and thanks in advance :■■■■ .

First make sure that the Dr watson you get popups for is in C:\WINDOWS\system32
If not YOU can block it and remove it

If cmdagent does not crash there is no point in Dr watson trageting cmdagent.exe, so what gives

Thanks for the reply. It is dr watson in system 32. I don’t actually get pop ups i just noticed it when i check my comodo and I do a defense check to see if i have any suspicious attempts items and it seems to be Dr Watson trying to access the memory of Cmd agent. So is this anything to worry about I mean it does not effect my firewall or defence not that I know of anyway as it picked up an attack a couple of days ago. Thanks again for helping ;D .

Since this is in system32 it should be the real thing

Also take into point that everything that runs on your system has to pass trought CIS (a.k.a cmdagent.exe)
so its ok to see cmdagent be targeted.

Thats fine then I was just abit worried thats all thanks alot for your help and putting my mind at ease. ;D