I want to download and save CIS install, because I later want to add it to another computer. So rather than just update, I thought I would actually save the file. It also measn that I can re-install at any time, unless I choose to get the latest.

However, it all seems a bit weird. I go to a site that allows me top download, but it DL’s CIS_xxx_ X86 installer. This seems to give “invalid data” when I try to install. It also says I have to uninstall older versios, which I have not seen before.

I did ask for Win XP. Is that x86?

thanks for any help


Assuming you are using the 32 bits (x86) version like the big majority of people get it from COMODO Internet Security 5.0.162636.1135 Released! and download the x86 version.

What web site did download it from? What version number did they give you?

Thanks for the reply, Eric.

OK. I got it from Download Antivirus for Mac | Free Antivirus Software for Mac.

I don’t know the version. The dl’d file is called (and I now realised I have grabbed only the firewall) cfw_installer_x86.exe.

I just went back to that page, and it says “Download Internet Security” so I assumed I was getting the suite. But the button to dl produces the file I got ???. Just hovering over it shows that as the target url.

I’ll use the site you suggested.

D’OH! Just saw your other post…moved here just late enough for me to miss it! 88)

It has reported by several users that when downloading the suite from the download pages you get the firewall installer.