Downloading Windows updates & Proactive Defense

Nice FW comodo. (:NRD)

With painful things like Windows Updates what mode should I nominate? CFW tells me “installation mode” is unnecessary for updates but if I don’t select it, it bombards me with pop=ups.

What should i select to be free of Microsoft’s annoyances?

I bet (for all M$ stuff) your brain. :)))))
just kidding.

Make sure you have D+ rules for “Windows Update Applications” set as Trusted (D±>Advanced->ComputerSecPolicy).
That should solve it!

That would do the trick but anyway the Windows Updater Applications group need just “Installer or Updater” permissions. Other Win apps unrelated to Win Update will need braoder permissions, the “Windows System Application” will do.

Read the help file, it’s very informative. :slight_smile: