Downloading updates????

My virus data base has not updated since Saturday 9/may. Having said that it is downloading every time I am on the net it downloads around 20MB at the moment it is at 19 MB after it has downloaded I get a request to restart the computer I do this and it starts downloading again and we go through the same thing every time I log on.
Sometimes 3 or 4 times a day.
I am told that this is a core update??? by the program. it seem to do nothing at all even though I restart each time.

(sigh) any help would be appreciated.

You may be suffering from a corrupted av download. Follow Where can i download the latest full AV database? and see if that helps.

After you installed the latest full bases.cav you will have to download approx 100-200 kB of incremental updates.

Thanks I’ll try that and see what happens.

I started to download the file you said to it started and then went to pause.
I checked the update section of csi and the program had updated while I was downloading the whole virus data base.

Last night I had left the computer running because it was downloading a large file from Comodo. At that stage it was 40mb in size. This morning the computer had been restarted so I am assuming that the file from Comodo was installed and a restart was needed and it did that.
This may have been the reason it updated in the usual way.
I have no idea or not if this is right but every thing seems to be back to normal for the moment.
Again many thanks for the assistance.

Just a little check. Can you tell me AV Database number? Mine is 4824 at the time of writing.

Just to answer your question it was 0

I am new to Comodo, The version i have got is 4.1.149672.916

I Cant seem to download updates, Everytime it hangs for about 15mins on 0%, then tells me to check my connection settings.

I have added the correct details into this box, and told comodo to go through a proxy and port along with the Proxy server authorization details, but still no luck

Can anyone help me with this