Downloading just the Firewall.

Thinking of installing Comodo’s latest free Firewall (right after I saw the 100% score it got on’s test), but in order to do that I must download the entire security suite.

Is there a way to download JUST the Firewall?.


Although you have to download the complete suite, each of the main modules within it (Firewall, Defense+ and AV) are optional and can be selected or deselected during the installation process.

I would recommend that you install Defense+ (Comodo’s HIPS component) in conjunction with the firewall.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Comodo’s score on Matousec would not be 100% if just Firewall was tested. 100% score is due to Firewall AND Comodo’s Defense+

Download the setup file and choose to install only firewall.

I don’t think we can opt out Defense+ from the installation. Can we? Because I too wanted to install just the firewall, but I didn’t find an option anywhere during the installation for opting out of D+.

no you can’t opt out def+, but you can deactivate it completely from the UI once CIS is installed. A reboot is required. The interface will still appear but it won’t be active.