downloading/installing updates

When i click on updates, box comes up “To update Comodo Firewall,Comodo service application will be closed, which will result in losing internet connectivity. Once updates are applied, you will have to restart system to connect to the internet again. Do you want to continue?” I click yes, another box comes up and shows installation progress. When it shows 100%, nothing else seems to happen. I re-boot system, click on Comodo updates, and it goes through all the steps again, even though it shows 100% complete. Are the updates installed or not? I honestly don’t know.

I had this same problem, I ended up manually downloading the new version of Comodo which uninstalled the program AND deleted all the settings without asking!! Then it reinstalled itself and all was well, I just wish I had known uninstalling the program would delete all the user customized settings, I guess I’m used to those settings either being saved OR prompting for what to do with them. No matter, excellent program and I’m glad I found it!