downloading files out of the sandoxed programs


I looked in the documentation and did not find anything regarding downloading files from the sandbox to the real system other than the opend shared space file that is always empty no matter what. Any help how to download files to the real system will be apreciated.


Using Shared Space should work but in the event that the shared space is broken somehow you can try this:

  • Open Advanced Settings for CIS
  • Expand “Security Settings”
  • Expand “Defense+”
  • Click “Sandbox”
  • Make sure “Do not virtualize access to the specified files/folders” is TICKED
  • “the specified files/folders” should be blue, click it.
  • Here you can add and remove the folders that you want, for example you can create a folder called “Shared Space” inside the default download folder and then specify that folder in this window, then you should be able to download files from sandboxed environment to the newly created folder and then have it accessible from the real system.
  • I almost forgot, Press ‘OK’ etc instead of ‘Close’ 88)

Thanks for your reply. It helped and it works now…