Downloading files from says write protected error

We’ll Here’s the problem I’m try to download files from and when its about to finish the download it has an error message that states cannot copy wrar80[1] thats a win rar file Im trying to download access is denied make sure file is not full or write protected and the file is not currently in use and thats what it says on any file i try to download but when i turn off comodo fire wall Version 3.5.57173.439 i can download just fine from or any site i try to DL From
Its not a folder file issue or attrib issue

Any Help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance…

OS is Winxp Home SP3

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Hallo gdragon,

It is likely that there are incorrect D+ set for some applications involved in the download.

If something has been blocked by D+ it should have been logged.

Please attempt a download again and take a screenshoot of Defense+ Tasks > Common Tasks - View Defense+ Events in order to provide info about the application names and clocked actions.

It is likely that some app (eg.iexplore.exe or a downloader) has been denied some protected file/folder access.