Downloading File problems - solved!


I have Firefox 4 and Comodo.
I can download files from rapidshare, I assume because i have an account with them, but I cant seem to download from other filehosts. It gets so far then stops. Megaupload, for example, gets to about 3.7mb.

The twist is, if I try and DL from megaupload going via a multiupload link, it works. Im guessing because it somehow bypasses whatever the problem is.

FF is a trusted program, now. I dont know what else to try.
I cant always find multiupload or rs links for what I want. Any ideas?

Actually, as an update to the above, I dont know what I did but one reboot later the changes I made (trusted program etc) seem to have worked. Whether its only for a couple of days I dont know yet, we shall see.

As you were.