Downloading Comodo Firewall

Hello, at the past I was downloading Comodo Firewall by location but now Comodo site links to URL cnet so I want to ask, is it safe to download firewall from cnet or not

It’s safe. The Comodo Firewall download does not include the CNET wrapper.

I’m sorry but I have bad English so I should to ask more correctly cnetdotcom is safe site with safe Comodo Firewall and if yes why main comodo site changed link from main site to cnetdotcom

It is absolutely safe to download it from CNET. The installer is just as safe as it was when the download was directly from Comodo’s official site.

Oh, really thanks for the answer. And the last question: which version of file is last cnetdotcom or downloaddotcomododotcom and can I still download it from Comodo’s official site by this link

I don’t understand what you’re asking. Can you please provide links to the pages you are referencing?


For these the first downloads the most recent version and the second downloads the previous version. Where were you linked to for the second download link (the one on CNET)?

I was linked to Cnet on Comodo’s official site

As I said before though, downloading CIS, or Comodo Firewall, from CNET does not include the wrapper.

I would agree with Chiron Cnet does not modify the installer or use Cnet installer and is safe.

However, I would not trust every file on their site. Some of the files included additional software with their Cnet installer. I personal do not like their Cnet installer or trust it. I think some of their files not use the installer at the request of develops like Comodo. I also recommend read a few of their reviews can give you idea if the stub installer is used or includes bad additions.

Cnet have in the past ignored Developers wishes and bundled with their own corruption.

I always feeel safe going to Softpedia or FreewareFiles.

When in doubt, at least with Comodo products, check the digital signature of the installer before running it. As long as the digital signature is valid there is no problem.