downloading cfw problem. [resolved]

hello and thanks for your time, i recently downloaded cfw2.4 (about an hour and a half ago) the download itself took about 20 minutes (7.6MB) and when i tried to open the set up, nothing, absolutely nothing,does anyone have any ideas/advise, thanks in advance, tech dunce.

Was it downloaded from the official site: Free Firewall - Download the Best Firewall Protection and Anti-Virus Scan Software from Comodo ?
Were other software (particularly security) disabled during the installation?
What’s your OS just in case?
Did you remember to completely uninstall previous firewalls and disable the Windows one?

I’ve seen a case like yours, but I don’t remember exactly which thread it was. Maybe it’s in one of these:,5118.0.html,5253.0.html,5326.0.html,5569.0.html,5643.0.html,5748.0.html,6301.0.html,6525.0.html,6653.0.html,6940.0.html,6962.0.html,7219.0.html

hi soya, and thank you for your reply, to answer your first question no, i didnt disable existing firewall, total newbie here, hence the handle (:NRD), but will have a go again,hopefully i can reply with good news, tech dunce :slight_smile:

Ah! That’s why. Never install 2 software firewalls!! The chance of them conflicting is 99% (1% is for XP’s firewall because it’s almost like having none :P)

hello again soya, success, success, success. thanks for the push in the right direction,firewall up and running,i know it was a simple solution but its nice to know a newbie can ask a simple (silly)question and get a straight forward answer, i will probably have a few general queries about the general running (options) for best performance in the near future but for now thanks a bunch and all the best,tech dunce. :SMLR

Nice to see it’s working. Sometimes it’s the easiest solution to solve a seemingly difficult problem.