Downloaded New Version Now Internet Very Slow

Earlier this afternoon I downloaded this program update and ever since then my internet connection has become extremely slow to the point where it takes about 1 minute to load a page in this forum and in another forum I am a member of. Even loads extremely slowly… so what’s up with this new update, it obviously conflicts with something I have running. However, I tried to connect to the internet immediately after rebooting and it was still extremely slow in all my browsers, IE 9, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. anyone have any ideas?

Whats your system?

You did a fresh install of CIS 6.1 or upgraded?

Any other AV installed?

Did you had other security software prior installing this?

windows 7

You did a fresh install of CIS 6.1 or upgraded?
upgrade to 6.1.275152.2801 then rebooted and slow internet started immediately after reboot
Any other AV installed?
Did you had other security software prior installing this?
no I`ve removed all other security software I originally had when I originally installed comodo several months ago Mod edit: Added quote tags, Captainsticks.

32 or 64 bits?

Upgraded from 6.0?

Hi Naren,
Because I have no your email, so I attach test patch here, please download and test it.
I upload two version patch(2803 and 2746), please test them separately.
The attached is test patch for firewall driver(x64 is for 64bit system, x86 is for 32bit system), you can replace it and verify whether it works.
Below is test steps:

  1. Open folder %windir%\system32\drivers;
  2. Rename cmdhlp.sys to, inspect.sys to;
  3. Copy the attached driver files to the folder;
  4. Reboot machine;
  5. Launch some network operation and observe result.

Once you complete test, please tell me test result.
Rick ■■■■

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi naren,

Can you tell me which version you update CIS from? and Can you make a test: uninstall CIS and fresh install CIS 2801 and observe whether the issue exist.

Rick ■■■■

I dont have this prob. Wildflower has this prob, he is the OP.

I am very very sorry, Naren. I made a mistake.

Wildflower, Can you help me to test it.

for me, this problem was solved by simply rebooting the pc…! :wink:

Thanks everyone for your help I really appreciate it. I installed the files you sent me Rick and my network connection is faster than it’s been in months. Thanks so much for the fix, it worked really well for me.

RickWang sent me a patch for my CIS Pro and now I keep getting notified of the updated version of 6.1.275152.2801 and I am now wondering if I need to install the new version or whether I can stick with the patch that Rick sent that fixed my computer? If I can stick with the original patch how do I stop it notifying me of the update?
thanks to anyone who helps…

That update is because the driver you got has an other signature than the original release version.
If you wish to ‘upgrade’ to the latest released driver you can chose to, if you don’t you can disable the check for updates on the Advanced settings, Update tab.

Thanks Ronny I didn’t want to install the fix because I thought it might mess up the network connection speed that I gained with Rick’s patch :slight_smile:

I assume you still have that file, or you can make a copy of it before ‘upgrading’ if you like.

yes thanks, I copied the two files he sent to an area of my hdd that isn’t going to be deleted when I clear the TIF