Download Window & Multiple Tabs

It would be good if the download window shows File Size before hitting save. Currently you can see the file size only after hitting save.

And it would be good if dragon warns/notifies when closing multiple tabs.

How is it supposed to know the size of the file before it tries to retrieve it?

Files have pre-set sizes, if you know what they are, so the browser should be able to determine the size before-hand as well.
Before the browser happens to finish downloading the full file, you see a ??/???MB countdown, if it did not know the size the file, the counter will simply say “?? out of Unknown.”

Well Internet explorer shows the file size on the download window before hitting save/open.

Attached is the screenshot of IE

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During this time it is still downloading ready to run or save until such time as cancel is hit.

Whatever it is but you can see the file size & then either save or cancel. In dragon its not possible. You have to click save & then download starts & then you can see the file size.

So I think it would be good if its like IE. Most of the other browsers are too like this.

I thought that the file is in queue, waiting for the user to make an action regarding those choices in the prompt, thus not downloading until one of those options is selected.

Until you tell it to start the download, it’s not even going to look at the file.

As Captainsticks stated, the download has already started in IE before you hit the save button.

From my experience, it immediately starts downloading the file to the temp folder. Pressing save is just telling IE were you want the file placed when the download is complete.

Agreed, but at least they are retrievable.

I personally don't see a lot of difference between the options of various common browsers. Even with IE and Firefox which do give the save option the download has already started before save is hit, so they are not saving any on your data allowance at all. I think the likes of IE and Firefox are worse if anything because they give the false impression that nothing is being downloaded until you hit save, when it in actual fact it already has started before then. The likes of CD at least shows you that it has started to download the instant it starts. So from the steps in the following screenshots data is being downloaded in any of them until cancel is hit and the size/cancel options are present in them all at this time. If you have Comodo firewall, show traffic animation and see this happening. Kind regards.

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