Download Websites Database Error

Task: Download Websites Database
Status: Unspecified Error
CIS Premium 10
Product Version:
Database Version: 28172
Windows 10, Version 1709 (OS Build 16299.125)

Started yesterday (12/13/17) after Windows update. Any ideas on cause/solution?

Same here, but only started in the last week, after 25-12-2017.

Have had the same error in the past - never had a useful reply or response from Comodo. In the end I went to another FW and AV combination for a while, then back to CIS 10, so effectively a complete uninstall and reinstall. Maybe it’s a server error, or maybe it’s time to ditch CIS again (v10 is not as good as v8 IMHO).

Hi Nickn,

Sorry for the trouble caused.

Can you please share the update error screen after selecting View Logs
and also please provide details about the CIS you have and Windows version using command winver in Run application.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

For what it’s worth, the updates have been working for me since December 19. I’m running the same Windows version as nickn, CIS, Database 28249.

Hi PremJK

My computer has been off (complete shutdown) for some hours, and on re-starting and manually checking for Comodo updates, all updates were accessed and no errors returned. Maybe the fault was with my DNS (Norton), or my ISP.

Just for information, I am running:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, SP1
Processor is AMD A8

Comodo v10.0.2.6420
Database version now showing 28249