Download stalls


New to forum activity, so bear with me.
Problem: don’t even have the software yet… can’t download
Want to try the Comodo Backup package
but every attempt to download hangs when the download gets to 34%.
I’ve tried from Ziff-Davis, then directly from Comodo. Same everywhere…
ALWAYS stops, never to go again, at 34%.
I disabled Norton firewall & antivirus, still no-go.
What’s going on ??

what browser are you using

Using IE9 on Win 7

are you using any download managers, also try clearing your browsers cache

If it’s stopping at the same point on completely different download servers, it almost sounds like an issue with your ISP.

Hi gwolfes,
Have you had any download problems in the past?
Do you have another browser installed or even another system to try on the same connection?

I have no other browsers… I’ve had no previous download problems.
I’m thinking heffed may be closer to the key than we all think…
BellSouth is notorious for imposing ridiculous limitations and there may be something to it.
DSL stinks [I’m currently “down” (inoperable) on wireless, so I can’t use my laptop] and
my intent is to soon transition to cable modem/router. That doesn’t help me with my ISP now.
I just cleared all (most) browser history and cookies, but I still hang at 34%.
Any other thoughts?
One other question: know of any other freebie backup software worth a try?
I downloaded a competitor (SyncBack) (yes, it downloaded) but it won’t backup across multiple disks. Their “pro” version (@$55) does, so they say. I’m holding out for a “free”.
Keep thinking, folks !

A couple I’ve used that work well.
Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition
ASCOMP BackUp Maker

Tks so much !