Download progress when connection broken and restarted: 196 MB of 136 MB

I just installed CIS 4.0, and it’s working OK (well, it’s working as designed, and I hope to be able to change the setting which sends almost everything to the Sandbox – but that’s not the point here, so don’t hijack this thread!)

The point: the progress report doesn’t keep up to date when the connection is broken and restarted. See the screenshot where it says it has downloaded 196 MB of 136 MB! So I have absolutely no idea how much longer this is going to take. I went and did something else, coming back from time to time in case the connection was broken again. The last time I looked, it was over 220 MB and still counting.

[attachment deleted by admin]

How many times did it restart and where did the counter end?

The connection restarted at least twice.

Like I wrote earlier, I don’t know how high the counter was when it ended. The last time I looked it was over 220 MB. The next time, it had finished downloading and was on to the next stage of processing.