Download Probs

Hi Melih, (:SAD)

I had to re-install Windows XP. and put in Comodo Firewall with no problems, But when it
came to CAVS it just would not install, It just kept freezing-up when I tried the new code
you sent me to put in. I even went to the Comodo site, to try and download an entirely
new CAVS, But I then had more problems, as it looked as if the download might have
taken days, if at all. Nothing seemed to be happening to download it.
Anyway I have put in AVG for the moment, I dont know if it’s my machine or your having
some trouble with downloads, But I will try again in a few days.
One good thing, at least I have CPF installed and working with no Trouble at all.

Once again Thanks for a Magic product.


While I’m not quite sure whether this is a testimonial or a question,

have you tried the CAVS 2 Beta version?

Hi Quwen, (:WAV)

I shall certainly try the beta 2, It’s just that I installed CPF with no problems.But
as I explained, It’s a different matter with the CAVS, It wouldn’t download for
some reason. And as Comodo’s products are free, I didn’t want to appear in any
way Stroppy about it. after all it could be my fault.
As soon as I can download any of the CAVS, they will be going straight into my
computer, as CPF and CAVS are my main stalworts.

ANGST. :Beer