Download problems

please can anyone help mei!! I install comodo firewall and after that i cant download any program from internet…
WHY? what to do? I cant do anythg…Its only shows me a ERROR and your DISK IS WRITE PROTECDED…What is that? tankx!!!


Are you using the latest version of CFP 3 ( And what browser does this happen with?
If it’s Firefox, here’s some threads about the problem:

And please include some more information about your computer (32/64-bit, OS, other security applications). And of course also what browser this happens with.

You need to make both IE and FF web browsers in Firewall rules. You also need to allow FF and IE in D+ rules. I download all the time with no problems what so ever. You can try deleting all entires of IE and FF in firewall and D+. Then reboot. Move the sliders for both firewall and D+ to training mode then launch IE or FF and download something.