Download previous version of CIS?

Is there an archive of CIS versions that I can use since 3.8 seems to be so bugged it interferers with my appls?

You can try this link (for 32 bit obviously):


Just replace the ... with the exact version number you’re looking for (and of course change hxxp to http). I think it’ll work. However, please consider this:

That’s for the antivirus module though… :wink:

could you link me to the latest x64 build of the 3.5 versions ty. i deleted my previous installers due to thinking 3.8 was quite stable unfourtunatly i did not notice the numerous bugs in the firewall. the av i could care less about but the firewall also contains a few issues which have affected my needs. also i cant remember what version # the last 3.5 was thats why im asking ty.

Nope, it’s for CIS, in which you can opt out AV module during installation!

Same principle for the address, here’s the full address:

(you can see release notes here: Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year)