Download Manager/Accelerator

I tried quite a few free download manager/accelerator.
FDM & Eagleget are bloat free i.e no additional softwares & are good.
All the others have additional softwares/ads or limited features.
But I liked IDA i.e Internet Download Accelerator.
During install it gives an option to install a software (guess its their own software) but the good part is, its Opt-In. It also gives an Opt-Out option for home page change to their site.
After install, everything was fine.
The only thing is the ads cannot be disabled but can be set to check in 3 days.
The download window also have ads on the upper bar but thats not a prob IMO.

“The best part of IDA is video download has option to download in HD, that can be preset & also can be changed in the download window, for the supported sites. Options like 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, MP3, etc.”
Any other download manager has such option?

Anyone running IDA can tell me how often ads are served if set to check in 3 days & are they obtrusive?
Connection type/speed doesn’t have my speed option i.e 4mbps so I have selected 20 mbps & above & no probs downloading, any adverse affect if I keep this selection?

How is DAM i.e Download Accelerator Manager?
I installed it & was a clean install i.e no additional softwares/ads, etc… Only minus point is the free version doesn’t allows to set download speed more than 3x. The min speed is 1x & max 20x.
Dont know if the 3x speed will be fast enough.
Anyone running it?