Download Issues

Greetings Comodo,
I recommended Comodo Anti Spam to a friend! they could not download from Comodo Site ? and yet i had no problem," except for the form filling/registration", we dont have ZIP CODE, or STATE, so USA forms keep rejecting, as not completed,? my friend was told by Comodo Site, product unavailable, something about apache ? the flow of contacts for Comodo Products has stalled this side of the world! can you assist, you have my email address!



Co Westmeath
Ireland (:AGY) (:WIN) (:CLP)

Greetings comodo,
thanks to your quick action on downloading Comodo Anti Spam problem, my friend has now installed Comodo Anti Spam on his PC, nice one to your boffins, and thanks again for listening, its another advancement for Comodo.

                                              cheers Paulga       

Co Westmeath
Ireland (:CLP) (:HUG) (V)