Download Is Wrong Size & Stealth Ports Wizard Problem

  Hello.  I am concerned that my yesterday's download of the free 

firewall was 41,984 bytes less than the 58,612,168 bytes given on the
download page. This happened twice. My machine never has a problem
downloading, and I am guessing that the number on the Comodo site
needs updating.
Secondly, I cannot stop my machine from responding to pings per the
Shields Up site. The Stealth Ports Wizard will not retain the “Block all
incoming connections and make my ports steath for everyone” selection.
When I reopen the Wizard, the wrong radio button is selected. I might
have made some wrong selection during setup.
Thank you for your help, Tom

you have an installer with 17mb? i have doubts that comodo would work then.

if you use the stealth port wizard, the mark will not stay in the setted position if you re-open the window. what it does is, making some rules under global rules. basically a “block IP in any any” rule. with two exceptions for pings:
need fragmentation
time exceeded
if you have a router, maybe the ping answers are made by the router.
a ping answer is in these possible two situations not a “hole”. as you might have read somewhere else, a “silent blocking firewall” is something else than a real disguise. if a hacker would really hit a non-existent adress, the last server would say “adress is not valid”. remaining silent could be a sign for a valid adress with a “supersilent” firewall. you see?
as long as all ports are closed or stealthed, and as you dont make “allow rules for INgoing” (which you dont need if you dont have a server or a p2p) nothing can happen. a firewall is there to help you in the worst case that someone tries to hack you. let him be happy that he got a ping reply, and imagine his face after many tries without any result for him :smiley:
IF you are worried about pings, you can make a global rule: “block ICMP ingoing + outgoing” and put it on top of the global rules set. but, no answer can be an answer though :wink:
the only benefit that you could get is: if someone tries (i dont know why) to make thousands of ping requests, you wouldnt even notice it. btw, comodo would react to that ddos anyway, and block this adress for some minutes. so you dont notice it too.

you should use custom policy mode in the firewall, because then you are the master about making rules. i never used another mode of comodo for the firewall. so i cant speak about the security of its “automatic features”. firewall section is the most important section, and i would want to know what happens there. so custom policy mode.