download / install CID from Comodo website

Much to my chagrin: the version installed is v26.


I’m going to post equally devastating news on the CIS A/V forum.

The topic of my post is UNACCEPTABLE.

As a fanboi you try my patience sorely.

You have some serious prollems with what the servers are serving up to little squishes such as myself.

Perhaps you care for a bit of NEGATIVE output? I could and am presently ready, wiling and quite able to disparage the lot of you.

Hi WxMan1,
We understand you are not happy, but remember this is a community based Forum.
Do you really think comments like in the quote are acceptable to the community, two wrongs do not make a right.

Please calm down and consider what you are posting.

BTW: I have PMed Staff to get the incorrect version issue rectified ASAP.
Give it a day or two from now please.

In the mean time you can get version 38 from the Forum link.
Comodo Ice Dragon Ver_38 is now available for download.

Thank you.