Download files problem

Hi all, I need your help!

recently I can’t finish download files… I get to 99% and IE says the connection was reset it also happened in Firefox, dragon… It occurs in all the websites. I also restore my computer to out-of-box state but it didn’t help.
It also happens in my second computer… I tried to disconnect my router and connect my computer directly to the modem but no use…

Can someone know how to fix this problem please?


Edit: It happens when I want to download big files like 44 MB or even 4 MB +…
and I fixed it by using “flashget” downloader but I want to be able to download files without it…

See it disabling Block fragmented IP Datagrams helps here.

When possible try your computer on another person’s connection and see if the problem goes or stays. This way we know if it is computer or connection problem.

disabling does not work (Don’t forget I restore my computer to out-of-box stat).
I will go to my sister someday and try to download files from there…

BTW: look at these solutions, none worked. Redirecting

Safari gives: kCFErrorDomainWinSock 10054 error do you know how to fix that?

Are you using a third-party security application, such as Avast?

Nope… It happend even when no security programs installed after the restore

Hi Liron Jan,
Have you disabled Windows Firewall, when Comodos Firewall is running?

Yep… even my ISP can’t help me… I am doomed lol…

A couple of things below might be worth reading, failing that I don’t know sorry.

Thanks, I will read it maybe I will find an answer…