Download Comodo

I had Comodo on my computer but it stopped updating
I downloaded Comodo again after uninstalling it but the updater is still not working
What is wrong???

Hello Jeannyjuly, welcome to the forums.

Could you please tell us which version of Comodo you have at present(Miscellaneous/About), also do you have the full CIS, Firewall, Defence+ and AV?

Please provide as much info as possible so we can help out as best we can (previous versions, operating system, other security software)


3.11… version of Comodo
Windows XP home version, Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
DSL Embarq phone company
You might want to know that at the same time FireFox quite working correctly but Inter Explorer is working fine version 7.0.5730.

What else do you need to know?
Thanks so much for your help! I really appreciate it! God Bless!

Hello Jean, is it the Anti-Virus component that is not updating?
What happens if you try doing a manual update (On the main Interface click on the date in the Virus Defence box)
Also in Miscellaneous/About, what does the Virus signature database version state (should be 2303)

Please bear in mind that after a clean install the first update is a large one and can sometimes look as though it has stalled especially around 30% so can sometimes take quite a while, and a re-boot.

Maybe you could try uninstalling then running the clean up tool found here;msg259617#msg259617 and doing another clean install.


p.s. Your not the only one, if you fancy some light 88) reading and possible answers have a look HERE