Download Comodo Firewall Pro 3.5.x by itself (No CIS)?

Is there currently any available method to download ONLY the Comodo Firewall Pro 3.5 and not have to get Comodo Internet Security or the outdated and then update from that installer?

I ask because it’s far easier for dial-up users to download 18MB (or 32MB for x64) rather than 25MB (or 40MB for x64) and get the antivirus that they do not want.

Also still not seeing any options for silent install or a toolbar-free version…

Those are currently the only two options. Update from the built in installer to just update to CFP 3.5 or
uninstall and download the CIS installer. There is currently no CFP installer to DL the latest version by itself.

For a toolbar-free version you mean CFP w/o the toolbar or the toolbar by itself? Uncheck to install the toolbar at installation

No sorry there is not just Firewall download.
You do have to install the toolbar you are offer the choice untick all boxes when you reach that page.
Re silent install Here

I mean a toolbar-free version as in no toolbar at all, just like the CCleaner Slim installer.

There is no silent install according to the link you provided, which certainly hinders things that people would like to do.

I would prefer to install the Firewall only, no Defense+ or added extras, no toolbars or homepage changes and possibly suppress rebooting. I know these features have been asked for many times and it’s a shame that they are not yet available.

There’s no slim-installer without the toolbar currently. Maybe there will be such an installer when Comodo Memory Firewall is integrated in CIS (this is just my speculations).

I too would like proper unatteded/silent install functionality, so that I could run it from [for example] a batch file with all the options I would select if doing a manual install pre-specified.

To the people at Comodo: please consider using something like InnoSetup to create your installer. That way you’d get all the functionality you need, & at the same time give those of us who have caught the unattended-install-disk-making bug the functionality we need.

In the mean time, for those who want an unattended setup of CFP, I’ve had an idea. If you were to start Process Monitor running before you install CFP, & stop it when it’s finished, you should be able to get a complete log of everything the installer does, & from that build your own with InnoSetup.

Edit: Just for the record, I like Defense+, & would want to be able to install just that & the firewall - no toolbar, A/V, or anything else.

This is no problem, just uncheck the AV and toolbar etc. during installation - then CIS will contain only Firewall and Defense+.


I’m sorry but that is not what Alien42 is referring to at all. Alien42 is referring to a silent installation that when the proper switches are entered installs only the firewall with Defense+, nothing more, nothing less.

You’re probably right, I didn’t realize that Alien42’s whole post concerned a silent installation. I picked his “Edit” out of the context.