Download CIS Virus Definitions Here.....


I love Comodo. I cannot afford to shell out money for something like Norton A/V, as it is bloatware.
Also, I found out about Comodo through the Firewall. The Firewall, when combined with Defense, are an incredible package.

Kudos to the Comodo team for providing us these great Internet security tools for free.

That said, they are failing in one aspect.

They do not allow you to manually download virus definitions.

I do not have broadband. AT&T and Comcast refuse to provide broadband to 100% of their customers. As a result, I cannot depend on Comodo to download my initial update of virus definitions (at over 175 MB in size) without the download crapping out.

I did some research. Found that if you use a download manager such as Leechget, you can download the updates manually.

The only problem is Comodo does not provide a link to the update .cav file.

Well, since they refuse to do this, I am doing it for them.

Here is the current link to the current update for virus definitions. This is not an incremental update, this is the full deal, at 175MB. It took me 9 hours using Leechget, but I successfully downloaded it.

If I am not mistaken, you must rename the file to “bases.cav” and put it in your “scanning” folder.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

Symantec has been offering manual downloads of their virus definitions for years.

No valid reason why Comodo cannot do the same for it’s customers.


Download link:

They provide a link to the latest database as well as a link describing how to install this database on this page.

Comodo Anti-Malware Database - Latest additions

Well! I stand corrected, eh? I had done numerous Google searches as well as searches of these forums and had not found anything like that. Miight be something management could improve…making it more obvious in the Google search engine or something.

That said, the way I did it above worked out fine. I found I needed to update the virus definitions with a couple of incremental updates, but all is fine now.

Just hoping someday to get broadband.

Thanks for the info HeffeD! :smiley: