Downgrading v42 -> v36 problem


I didn’t like current version 42 so I had to go back to v36. I ran v36 setup, chose “downgrade” option and all was OK. But now on every start Comodo comes with 4 error messages that are the same: “Your profile can’t be used because it’s from a newer version” etc. It suggests me to choose another profile folder or use newer version.

But it still uses my profile. Bookmarks, cookies, etc.

Can I get rid of these error messages without creating a new profile?

Hi Maske,
Downgrading has been known to cause issues.
I would recommend exporting your bookmarks to a HTML file for safe keeping.

You could try renaming the Web Data file to Web Dataold and re-opening the browser.
Note: This may remove some personal data or preferences.

Kind regards.