Down low on Comodo's browser

I’ve had to bite the bullet ‘cause the interwebs has been doin’ the Amish shun on me due to Emperor Micro$soft decreee that the their previously loyal and diehard fans are actually parasitical undersireables needing to be stamped out with a vengeance. >:-D

Alrighty then. :cry:

After taking the Comodo browser product out for a spin, kicked the tires, slammed the doors, sanded down the paint job and put graffitti all over, got some ‘tats’, put on sun glasses and drove back to the dealership.

Its my understanding that Comodo browser product - freeware - is based on Mozilla v26 code. How is it different than outright Firefox? Can I bet other peoples lives on the gamble that there’s a distinct difference; one that is focused on security, i.e., standalone browser or, preferably, complementing Comodo brand security software.

Why is the Comodo brand Mozilla code-based browser better than the competiion?

And how do I know that I’m not going to be left in the lurch - no reference to John F’g Kerry- that should the news come out that Melleh contributed a serious quid or two to George Bush election campaign two decades ago (due to privy and select info available to only those having access to Eschelon, Carnivore, et ali, and the IRS) that I’m not going to be stranded before the gulags of Japanese-Americans?