Doubts about Secure Shopping.

I don’t know if this is the right section, but I can’t find one dedicated to Secure Shopping.


  • It does not automatically open the configured addresses. I remember before I did. What has changed?

  • On the other hand, the continuous connections of csssrv64.exe (several times per minute) are a concern. What are they for? Can they be blocked ?

If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

  • comodo secure shopping not open address, but protected addresses configured;
  • connections csssrv64.exe are acess providers company comodo (servers update, for exemple);
  • there is no reason to worry :-TU
  • If I remember correctly, when configuring addresses in secure shopping, if you tried to access one of them from the browser, the secure shopping environment would be opened and THERE the previously configured address would be opened.

  • Why would csssrv64 or cmdagent have access to game or mail providers? up to 4 times per minute? ???

Thanks liosant

COMODO secure shopping ask and open browser if acess is in site add in setting comodo secure shopping, for exemple add in setting comodo secure shopping, comodo security shopping ask or open browser in environment secure;

Make a note yourself, processes like svchost all the time communicate with windows update servers or telemetry, it is just for example.

Sorry if I look rude :-TU

exact. it doesn’t work for me. If I access addresses added to the secure shopping settings, no one asks. nothing happens.

svchost is used by many programs other than windows. anyone who wants to run a dll. For this reason I have it under strict surveillance on my computer, and having to work for the OS and for anyone who requests it, it connects to external ip’s less than csssrv64, which only has to support one application.

I don’t care if you seem rude as long as your answers clarify my doubts. :wink: