Doubts about Comodo Dragon

I have two doubts about Comodo Dragon


Google updates its stable build with security patches often and I was wondering if there is a time gap between Google and CD when its implemented in CD?

Do you see if all the security patches are applied before releasing the version?

How can I check it out?

Is there a webpage which shows the security vulnerabilities in Comodo Dragon?


Since Comodo Dragon checks for updates and downloads the whole CD updated program, Is it ok to overwrite the previous version with the new version or should we uninstall the previous version and install the stable version?

I don’t check the forum often so if there is a case where I have to uninstall the previous version and install the newer version, how will i know it as I don’t get any notifications for it? Or is it rare?

Thank you

You must be new to the forums, then. I welcome you. :slight_smile:

When new security updates are revealed, the Dragon Dev. team gets to work on it and releases it, not right away but they do, and even state it on the post indicating what was implemented.

Overwrite as you wish, I clean-install every time on every browser, but that’s my decision.

Just keep installing over, until something breaks and you feel like you should install cleanly.