Doubt about sandbox

Hi guys…
I’m trying to understand how exately comodo sandbox works, cause I normally use sandboxie.

  1. In sandboxie (SB), when an application is running under its supervision, you can realize it beacuse of the symbols or red/green border on the windows of firefox, bittorrent or every sandboxed software…in comodo, I couldn’t notice anything similar…and I think that it is not very convenient.

  2. In SB if you want to recover a picture (jpg, png…) from the virtual folder, you can do it opening SB controll, selecting the file you want an choosing to save it on the real system…in comodo, if I download a photo from the internet to the desktop, I can’t see in the real desktop (and it’s ok)…but i didn’t find a feature that allows me to directly recover this photo from the “virtualroot” folder…may I making a mistake?

Thanks for any reply… :wink:

Well Comodo’s sandbox isn’t like Sandboxie.
Sandboxie virtualizes the program
Comodo gives the program less rights ( it cant write to the registry and stuff like that)

please correct me if I’m wrong…but if I select registry and file system virtualization enabled, in theory an application should “write” only in the sandbox…right? ???


So, if I download something from the internet, I should have the opportunity to recover it…executable files are analized and sandboxed if they are unknown etc…but pictures, pdf files etc?? In that case, how coul I recover them??

well when i download stuff like that it downloads straight to the disc so its on there. It all downloads to the disc if its sandboxed it has lass rights than a trusted program.
I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure im right. PM a mod they will help you

That’s quite odd…I tried with firefox (limited), downolading pictures on desktop. but after downolad i could find them only in the hidden virtualroot folder…and not in the real desktop, I will try again… :-\

BTW, thanks for your replies and suggestion

Yes, it should work like that. Comodo has several levels of virtualization.

I would like to add to that. When an application gets automatically sandboxed it does not get virtualised. When manually sandboxing a program it will be virtualised.

So, virtualization is complete? Can’t it be controlled?
I’m with a problem without answer: